Models wanted no experience required! Click the 'Enter Site' button below and then check out each page of the site and each project! At the bottom of each page click the next page button. The site is easy to use and you may just find a modeling project that you would like to participate in. Each project has different requirements, applications, and guidelines. There may be one or more perfect projects for you to take part in so check us out!

 The RoxxStarr Media mission:

To promote people of all shapes & sizes & colors & styles.

To show every type of beauty there is.

To be "in your face" to as many people as we can be

because EVERYONE needs to open their minds to the 

diversity beauty holds.
We all have beauty.
Society, the media, various cliques in high school...

They have trained our minds incorrectly. 

They have trained us to find beauty in the cookie cutter Barbie & Ken phenomenon 

& nowhere else. We are all beautiful in so many different ways.

It is everyone's time to shine!

We don’t exploit anyone or sell anyone’s image(s). We only use your image(s) for the site(s) and publication(s) you apply for. We pay for the promotional tools we use such as domain names and addresses. You will never be charged. We will never sell your image(s). We are simply here to be the publicist most people trying to get their foot in the door cannot afford.
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